Monday, 27 July 2009

All Change!!!!

Blimey, I've moved and I'm still a bit lost. Not used Blogger for an age so I'm not sure what goes where yet. I've moved from Typepad cos there seems to be more for your money over here, especially as it's free {hee hee}.
There's still loads I need to do/add so at the mo, it's a bit like visiting me at home {where nothing's finshed there either}.
I know my header's a mess at the mo too but that will get sorted and the credits {mainly to The LilyPad} will also be added.
So now I need to go and put a redirect on the old blog and get working on this one....
Anyway, I will be adding some stuff from my old blog {not sure how or whether to import or not} but until then, here's last week's card for Di Hickman. I love making cards for this lovely lady's sketch blog.....
I may well be posting more often now... who knows.... watch this space ;)


  1. Thought I'd pop over and say "hi" :)

  2. welcome to your new home sweetie

    and very pretty it looks too xxxx

  3. Ha! found you !!Looking good :)