Saturday, 22 August 2009


No piccies from me just at the moment today as I'm using the wee pooter thingie and I can't get to the network, so sorry...
Just thought I'd post a smuggness post as things seem to be rather fabulous at the mo. I have only one shadow and that's the changes at work. I know what I will do if they throw me out (I have a back up plan for the first time in forever) but I do know that these changes will mean dear friends will be leaving and I've already shed a tear and more will come... Change is inevitable for things to continuously improve. That's pretty much my mantra for work.
And on the subject of work, I've just had the best appraisal I've had since starting at NU/Aviva 6 years ago. I really do feel like I've found what I was meant to do in the world of IT and it feels good.
As for more good stuff, Charlie is coming to stay this coming week for 5 days and that makes me very happy. I always feel that our family is complete when he's with us but having him here cements that feeling even more.
Another fab that's happening soon is that Rosie starts Cecil Gowing First School in 2 weeks time and altho it will be a strain on my Mummy-heart, it is such a beautiful school and she will be able to see some of her best friends every day and she's so ready to be formally taught. We've done all we can, this is going to be brilliant for her. At this point I must say a massive thank you to my husband Raymond who has taken the very important role of taking care of her in the last 3 months so I could change my working hours and get stuck into my new job. I am a very lucky woman that he's made it so easy for me.
Lastly I'm going to wish my neice Rebecca a very happy 17th birthday. I clearly remember the day she was born and I was phoned to be told in the middle of the 3 Musketeers :) I know you wouldn't visit here in a million years Becca but have a great one!!!!!
So, you see I have much to be content about. Now I need to get up and get stuck into more de-cluttering this weekend. Our local charity shop won't know what's hit it :) Have a great weekend whatever you do xXx

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  1. I thought I'd lost you!!!
    She will have a blast at school!