Tuesday, 4 August 2009


I very often spend my evenings browsing digi shops when I am searching for a. mojo or b. things to buy and I will eventually be adding some places to buy nice stuff as a link. My fave all time digi artist is Kate Hadfield who works mainly for The LilyPad, and I have been lucky enough to work for Kate in the past.
Tonight I found my second favourite digi artist, her name is Ellie Lash and she works mainly for Scrapbook Graphics , here's her blog... Very inspiring and incredibly cute work.
Right, I've got backache... time for bed... xx


  1. Oh there you are. I thought you'd gone unusually quiet.

  2. Blimey your hair is long!
    :0) xoxoxox

  3. here you go : http://ellielash.com/blog/