Thursday, 24 September 2009

Mmmmm Velvet

I've done another one. I am down to minimum housework til this task is complete, that's how my priorities are and that's why my house looks the way it does.

I have decided that I either have too much stash or inadequate storage and workspace. Either way I need to make more cards and in a larger space with all new storage. That's ok tho isn't it? Ikea here we come ;)

Awful day at work today, I have been very supportive of the changes in the organisation I work for, understanding that they are (usually) required but today all I could think was 'enough'. My voice is too small in a workforce of over 30,000 so I shall of course just continue to do what needs to be done and support my lovely colleagues. I am very lucky to enjoy the job I do and I'm grateful for that.

Anyway, back to cards. Mmmm velvet and brads and also velvet brads. I used some digi-printed flowers on this (love hybrid but I don't do it enough). Back to grunge too but it's fun and sometimes messy and I'm gabbling for England so I'll bog off to bed xXx


  1. :D Hi :D
    Love those flowers
    Nope i am not out on Sat boys should go to footy and i am so broke! Yes please do come over i miss you xxxx

  2. You know Brads are nails yes? Slightly oval shaped rather than round . . . did the velvet bend when you hammered them in? ;0) xox

  3. What a pretty card - love the papers!

  4. Really lovely! Such luxe textures!

  5. mmmmmmmmmmm VELVET, indeed!!! this is positively luxurious, i love it!