Friday, 18 September 2009

Short week that lasted forever

I had the first 2 days of this week off (still easing me into Rosie's new school regime) and started back to work on Weds. My goodness it was longer than an ordinary week!!! And this is from someone who loves her job. I also had to come home from work early today due to a hoooge headache which got knocked on the head (sic) by a co-dydramol and 40 mins sleep (altho I feel a bit hung over from it all). Needless to say that I am so pleased it's the weekend now.
Here's this week's card done for Di's sketch blog (linkie on the right). Hope you all have a great weekend xXx


  1. Love the colours of yopur fab card. Hope this week wizzes by to to weekend a bit quicker xxx