Sunday, 25 October 2009

Inspiration, Colds and Days Off

I have some time off work... which is fab. But then I've caught a cold. Always happens that way doesn't it? This one is straight to my chest tho, no messing around with runny noses. meh... Hasn't stopped the creativity which seems to be flowing with ease at the mo. Last night I did a scrapbook LO and a hanging decoration. It did help that I had an extra crafting hour last night tho ;) Got to get some benefit from the clocks going back I spose, that and the fact that it was actually light when we woke up this morning.
Did a bit of craft shopping yesterday but all it's really made me do is think that I really do need a sewing machine and I rather like the look of this affordable little item. Hmmmm I might pop to John Lewis today....
Here's this week's card from Di, I have to say, she keeps my creativity flowing too. I now have November's sketches to play with :)
Have a lovely Sunday everyone x


  1. Yum card..need to see the Layout and hanging as well though!! get yer camera out! And STOP shopping without me :D xxx

  2. Where's the other stuff please? :0) I was going to go shopping but couldn't be bothered in the end and did lots of cleaning instead xoxoxox