Sunday, 13 June 2010

What a slacker!!!!!

That's 'slacker'...... ;)
As I stand here (my desk is positioned so that I stand at it) eating chocolate cheesecake that my dear friend Beverley left behind when she visited today (damn her), I realise that I've not posted for some time (now, now, no need to tell me exactly how many days, mmmkay?). I have been on holiday :) which was fantastic as it was my first full week away for 10 years and I got to spend it with my beautiful family (my stepson lives 170 miles away and that's the longest we've had him for - it was awesome). The week before that at work was barking mad and last week (being my first week back) was also a bit eeek. Good eeek tho.
Finished the cheesecake now and probably shouldn't have had it.... Damn that woman.
Anyway, the mojo is miles away; I'm inspired but hugely lazy I'm afraid and have only made one card since I got back and I can't show you that as it's for Twisted Sketches...
Sooooo, I promise to put some up soon, once the mojo returns and I stop being lazy....
Anyway, here's the kids and Whitley Bay. This photo sums up the spirit of the holiday really :) Night night xx


  1. and about time too!! ;) Great Photo BTW xx

  2. Aww look at them, nothing like a cone with a flake :)and I spy mummy in the background :)