Friday, 6 April 2012

Testing, testing....

Does this thing work {sound of blowing into a microphone}, well, here goes anyway....
Not posted for a bit.... Hmmmmm. I have excuses, all valid. The world turned the wrong way up at the beginning of this year and I'm just about remembering how to keep my balance. As a result I've not made much at all. Remembering what good therapy crafting is, I sought to rectify this and went to a crop last weekend and made stuff.... and, I continued to make stuff during the week too.
I don't really have enough time to make stuff at the mo, but I figure I need to make time {see therapy comment above}.
So, here are some of my cards from the last week....


  1. Welcome back babes xxxx Missed you xx
    Just as i thought, all GORGEOUS

  2. Fabulous cards - and even better seeing them come together! Hope your mojo decides to hang around (and mine too) xx

  3. Fab cards and good to see you back in craft land xxx

  4. Lovely to have you back darling, and as Nicky says, nice to have seen you in the land of making things xx love you xx

  5. these are beautiful.. just like their creator. x

  6. Beautiful, inspiring me to get in the craft room at the weekend, I think