Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Something New....

I am very lucky and asked to be a demo-girl for Stix 2 crafting products for East Anglia. Stix 2 produce all sorts of crafting products, not just adhesives (but they do make a great deal of adhesives) but masking sheets that can be cut, stamped on, punched and stamped over, foils, as well as glitter and mount foam for stamps. But mainly the glitter, right ;)
I've had a bit of fun with the masking sheet (I'll show you what I made with that another time), but my big love at the mo is inchies. I made a card at the weekend and wanted to stick the inchies to jute mesh. The silicone glue is perfect for that. So... this is what I made....

Photographed once again by The Gentleman Photographer.... Thanks babe xx

Sunday, 7 April 2013

More (delayed) cards from me

Scuse me while, once again, I show some cards. These I made at the beginning of the year (I'm still making them every week but I forget about the blogging thingy). 
I have a new photographer to take pics when I make a card now :) Raymond, my husband is now taking photos under the business name of The Gentleman Photographer (I'm quite proud of the fact that I came up with that name - well, he's a photographer and he's most definitely a gentleman). His website is almost ready to share but his Facebook page is here. So he takes pics of my cards when I've done them :) I shall be back... promise....

Sunday, 13 January 2013

{Creeps quietly in}

I have been making stuff.
I don't always post on here.
Or anywhere.
Especially to Soo....

Photographed by the fabulous Raymond Taylor